Website Traffic – How to Attract Hordes Of Visitors to your Website

Getting traffic to your website is one of the most important aspects of internet marketing. Most people underestimate the power of driving traffic to a website and the common people would not understand the importance of web traffic.

website traffic - getting traffic to your website
If you think about it in the offline world, when we rent an office or a retail place, what do you think the factors that influence the rental cost? It is none other than the traffic of the location. If the location of the shop is located at a busy area where many people would pass by the shop everyday, then the rental cost would be higher. However, if there is no one passing by the shop, then the rental for the location would be significantly lower.

Let’s look at another example –

If we want to advertise on the newspaper, we got to pay a certain amount of money to put our ads on it. The price you are paying is always proportional to the amount of visibility of your ads. If there are many people reading the particular newspaper, the more you are going to pay for it.

Now if you own a certain of amount of traffic online, then you can charge advertisers for a certain sum of money for them to advertise on your website.

Do you understand how lucrative traffic is to a website or even to any businesses?

In this page, you will discover the common ways to drive traffic to your website. And you can start getting targeted visitors to your website with these strategies.

Basically, we can divide the web traffic strategies into Free and Paid. You may like to choose free traffic sources rather than the paid ones but here is the catch, most free sources are not as easy as it sounds and sometimes paid traffic could be much better.

Free Web Traffic Strategies

Video Marketing – Video marketing is as easy as creating your own videos and upload it to video sites like Youtube. As these video sites usually have a lot of users looking at the content, you can easily leverage onto these sites to attract visitors to your website. However, take note that in order to attract more visitors to your website, you need to have good content in your videos.

Article Marketing – Articles marketing is just writing of good quality articles and send it to various directories. For articles marketing, you are targeting your articles to rank to the top of some particular keywords in the search engine and ranking for them. Most people do that because some of the article directories have a lot of users or readers in their websites. But recently, due to Google changing their algorithms, articles marketing might not be as good as it was before.
Search Engine Optimization – Search engine optimization is defined as ranking to the top of the search engine by optimizing your website according to what the search engine wants. Google is one of the top websites in the world because of it’s brand name and there are so many people using Google to search for what they want. Hence if you optimize your website according to what Google wants and get rank in the search engine, you can get a lot of traffic from Google.
Free Classified Ads – Some of the classified sites have a lot of visitors searching for some good buys over in the net. If you advertise in these free classified sites, you can get some targeted visitors as well. Compare to the strategies above, this strategy may not be effective for many businesses.
There are still plenty of free marketing strategies you can use but the above four are the best free web marketing strategies compare to the rest. Next, we’ll take a look at the paid web traffic strategies.

Paid Web Traffic Strategies:

Adwords/MSN adcenter – We can pay Google or Bing or Yahoo some money to advertise on the search engine. For these kind of traffic strategies, we are paying for each click. Generally, the traffic is very targeted and you can get many buyers from using these strategies.
Facebook Ads – We can pay Facebook just like the way we pay Adwords or MSN adcenter. It works roughly the same in the sense that you can either pay per click or pay per 1000 page impression.
Banner Ads – You can also buy ads specifically from various websites and pay them a sum of money to advertise on their website every month.
These are the 3 main paid strategies that are very popular these days. For any paid advertising strategy, you would need to make sure that your products would be making you money before you advertise. If you are just advertising for your blog where you are not making money from it, then the paid advertising strategy is going to lose money for you.